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Tove Malm



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Order your signed copy of Sigrid under the ice!

An exciting book about Sigrid and what can happen on the ice

Children's book 6-9 years

Publisher Idus

Author Inger Landberg

Illustrator Tove Malm

Sigrid and grandpa are going on a real winter excursion. Sigrid is looking forward to grilling sausages and breadsticks. And go tobogganing on the best toboggan run in the world! Instead, both she and grandfather end up in an ice cave.

No one seems to hear them when they scream for help.

Am I going to die now? Sigrid thinks. Suddenly Sigrid starts to feel warm again. Slowly, slowly she sinks below the surface. On the way down, she sees a large and silvery animal moving towards her. It's grandpa's old pike!

-Well, are you here swimming in the lake again, he says.

In Sigrid under the ice, we get to follow Sigrid as she gets out of the icy water with the help of the old pike and the angel Grandma. But how will it go for grandpa?

At the end of the book there are concrete tips and facts about what to do when you end up in an ice vac, as well as reader questions to discuss.

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