A little introduction

My creative journey

Art has always been my lifelong passion. I attended art school and honed my skills, but life took an unexpected turn when I became the primary caregiver for a seriously ill child. Emerging from those challenging years, I decided to resurrect my childhood dream of becoming an illustrator.

My heart is set on illustrating surface designs, taking on commissions, and creating enchanting children's books. This is where my creative fire burns brightest.

I'm Tove, and I invite you to join me on this artistic journey, where resilience meets imagination. Together, let's turn your ideas into vibrant, visual reality.

If you're a potential client and you'd like to see my full portfolio of available artwork, please email me at info@tovemalm.se


Want to collaborate?

I would love to work alongside those in need of an illustrator for a children's book, seeking eye-catching surface designs for their products, and offering the option to either commission a custom-made pattern or choose from my portfolio for wallpaper, fabric, or gift wrap.

Please e-mail me at info@tovemalm.se