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Welcome to my creative corner

My name is Tove Malm and I am an illustrator and designer with a passion for creating beautiful and inspiring images. My studio is idyllically located in the archipelago outside Stockholm, surrounded by sea, nature and a splendid garden full of flowers and dahlias. Here I find inspiration and peace to create my unique illustrations.

Member of the Illustrators Center & Swedish Cartoonists

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Djungel Poster | Tropisk Barntavla Illustration Tove Malm Studio

my trip

My passion for art and design has always been with me. I have an education in art, illustration and graphic illustration, and have previously worked as an Area Visual Merchandiser at a large Nordic company. But a tragic event in the family changed everything. My youngest child was diagnosed with leukemia, and the tough years that followed led to burnout and a lot of rehabilitation for our child. I could no longer continue my regular occupation, and the need to create and express myself creatively became stronger than ever.

Starting to draw again after a few years of hiatus was my salvation. Here I could find recovery and express my feelings. Creating illustrations became an important part of the healing process for me and my family. During the period that we lived with leukemia treatment for 2.5 years, I also founded Ajabajacancer, an organization that provides support to children and their families affected by cancer.

Please read more at Ajabajacancer
Färgstark illustration klara och ljusa toner på en mörk bakgrund i en ram med passepartout

my inspiration

The sea, nature in the archipelago, my flower-filled garden and my everyday life are my constant sources of inspiration. The soft shapes, the beautiful colors and the constant change in light and weather give me endless inspiration. My dahlia cultivation in particular has a special place in my heart. The magnificent flowers of dahlias symbolize to me vitality, joy and hope.

My vision:

I want to create images that touch, bring joy and inspire creativity. I am passionate about using my art to make the world a little more beautiful and positive.

My background as strength:

All my experiences have shaped me into the illustrator I am today. My passion for art and design, my analytical skills, my sense of trends and my ability to create selling concepts allow me to offer my clients unique and creative illustrations that are not only beautiful, but also effective.

citrus poster med apelsiner rosa knoppar i en passepartout

Are you curious about my work?

Here are some examples of what I can offer:

  • Children's book illustrations
  • Logo design
  • Illustrations for business
  • Workshops in lettering
  • Personal illustrations
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Flora poster med terrakotta färgad vas

Some of my clients

  • Indian
  • Runö meetings & events
  • Åkersbro & Co
  • Ida & the Cakes
  • Ajabaja cancer
  • Camabo Media
  • Camabo
  • Swedaero
  • Gödishuset Öregrund
  • Pki Pilot
  • Peak Performance
  • Nordic Gallery
  • Gill Ant Flower
  • Idus Publishers
  • Skill break
  • Reference - Indian

    "With finesse, Tove Malm took on our illustration assignment at Indiska with a tasteful and creative touch. Working with someone who excels at understanding our brand and consistently delivers high-quality work on time is a valuable asset for a company like Indiska. When Tove takes on a project, she creates pure magic."

    Lena von Segebaden, Purchasing Manager Indian