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Minimalist Wall Art | Black Dahlia Poster

Minimalist Wall Art | Black Dahlia Poster

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Minimalist Wall Art | Black Dahlia Poster

Transform your home with soft shapes and elegant contrasts in grey-black and light beige. Our Black Dahlia Poster creates a lively atmosphere in your kitchen, living room, hall or office.

The minimalist design gives a calm and harmonious feeling, while the soft shapes of the dahlia add a touch of playfulness. The contrasting shades of grey-black and light beige create a sophisticated and elegant look.


  • Printed on matte paper in 200 gsm
  • Available in several sizes so you can easily find a matching frame
  • Securely packaged to protect your item during transit
  • Posters up to A4 size are packed and  sent flat cardboard envelopes and larger posters in a secure cardboard tube

Frame your vision:

  • Choose a frame that matches your decor and make your Dahlia poster a personal favorite.
  • Our posters fit standard frames from eg Rusta and Ikea.
  • Frame not included

Fast delivery:

  • Order today and enjoy your beautiful poster soon!
  • The delivery time depends on the chosen delivery method and your address.

The Black Dahlia Poster is perfect for those who want to create a personal and inspiring atmosphere in your home. It is perfect for hanging in a central location, for example above the sofa, bed or dining table. You can also create a picture wall with the Black Dahlia Poster and other minimalist posters in different sizes and motifs.

Order your Black Dahlia Poster today and transform your room into an oasis of calm and harmony!

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